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Hello! I am so glad you came to this website.

Tired of living a busy and stressful life with constant worry about money, time and demands of modern life?
Do you want to take back charge of your life and live it intentionally without consistent trials and errors and almost anything to show it up for?

A few years back, I too was tired of finding the work-life balance ( I almost gave up thinking that it never exists). It was hard for me and my family to find time, energy and resources to live our days without some sort of stress and worries. After a lot of efforts, mistakes and breakdowns later, we have come to a point in our journey where we refuse to worry, overwork and overcommit  to the demands of modern life.

We have go tremendous motivation, help and knowledge online community of inspiring, smart and honest bloggers and entrepreneurs. It is my time to give back and share what has and is still helping us thrive every day to reach our goal to live a more conscious and intentional life so that we get financially independent and retire early than we have to!

I’ve been working on making this website these past few weeks. I intend to create  my small space on the internet here, packed full of useful resources and tips to help you and me live a more conscious and relaxing debt-free life. My intention is to not only inspire people to take charge of their financial lives but also find small daily changes that if undertaken will transform the lives for better in other areas besides money and work.

This has been my dream in the making and I can’t wait to share it with you.

And since this has been taking longer than I had initially planned for, I am sharing wonderful resources, articles and small tips/ tricks on social media. Please check them out by clicking on my social media below.

As soon as my website is active, you will be the first one to know.

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